There Have Been 

a few markeys running for congress

Might there be another?

My name is Sean and I’m weighing a run at congress in 2020.

Why? How about why not? There are a lot of really important issues that need to be addressed in 2020, and I think I’m the Markey for the job.

Still need more reasons? Got you covered:




I’m a great communicator and love to stay in touch with my community.

The Big Pictures

With my background and my experience, I can really see and understand the big picture.


Fixing Our Country

There’s a lot to love about America, but there are some big issues that need fixing.

Other Markey Congresspeople

Edward Markey is a senator from the great state of Massachussettes

Betsy Markey was a House of Representatives member from Colorado

What’s missing?

Another Markey. 

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